The clientele of Vinewise Viticulture include premium, award-winning producers:

“Vinewise Viticulture are driven by a passion and commitment to their work -we know Archangel is in the very best of hands. Our vineyard is maintained to the highest standard; using sustainable practices, the team at Vinewise carefully monitor the soil and its environment, ensuring the vines remain balanced and in good health. It’s these efforts and more that translate to the excellent wine that Archangel produces.”
Mary Zurakowski, Owner
Domaine Rewa
“I entered the wine industry in 2010 virtually clueless and feel so fortunate to have had Vinewise on-board since the beginning. Grant, Gary and their splendid team are unfailingly an absolute joy to deal with: without their efforts, commitment, expertise and much patience it would have been impossible to embark upon this adventure. Their knowledge and passion for biodynamics made adopting this vineyard practise so natural and I l feel like they look after Domaine Rewa as if it was their own. I look forward to the future with confidence knowing they are at the helm.”
Philippa Shepherd, Owner
Gibbston Valley
“Vinewise are a pleasure to deal with. Grant, Gary and their team are professional and approachable, offering a quality viticultural service. They are flexible enough to manage the different requirements of our vineyards, in an open, transparent manner.”
Christopher Keys, Winemaker
Quartz Reef
“Quartz Reef’s ongoing conversion to biodynamic viticulture would not have been such a success without the practical input of Vinewise Viticulture. We rely on Grant and his experienced team for the day-to-day running of our vineyards in line with the stringent rules set down by Demeter NZ.”
Rudi Bauer, Winemaker
“We enjoy tremendous support and expertise from Grant, Gary and their Vinewise team, working with them to care for our vineyards under an organic regime. As we move forward embracing a biodynamic culture, it is a great reassurance and help to us to be able to draw on their skills and experience in this area.”
Sue & Thomo, Owners