Permanent Employment

Cromwell lies in the heart of breathtaking Central Otago, a gateway to outdoor pursuits and sporting adventures.

A low rainfall and continental climate ensures fantastic, sunny weather with hot summers and cold winters. We have an experienced, passionate, multi-cultural team of permanent vineyard staff and occasionally, vacancies do arise.

If you are moving to Central Otago and have experience in the industry then please make contact with us. We are always on the lookout for career-driven, long-term prospects with a passion for viticulture.

Casual Employment

Due to the seasonal nature of vineyards, we are often on the lookout for casual staff to join our ranks.

We are a friendly workforce of mixed gender with varied ages and cultural backgrounds that can accommodate anyone with a love for the outdoors and a keen, can-do attitude.

Please watch this space and come back regularly to check on our current vacancies.

Vinewise Current Vacancies

Vinewise are currently organising casual staff for our busy spring & summer period. Please contact Grant Rolston or Gary Ford via the Contact Page if you would like to know more.

What Are We Doing?

(June 2016)

Spring is just around the corner, I saw daffodils yesterday and the weeping willows are out. My apricot tree is showing signs of flowering. The transitional period of spring buffering winter and summer is a busy time for us. This is when the soil once again comes alive after the dormancy of our frosty winter here in Central Otago. We will feed the soils with bio stimulants compost and fertilisers, they will gradually warm and at this stage I would expect bud burst to be normal as far as timing goes, that will be around the last week in September or the first week in October. We are actually still pruning the vines at the moment, this will be completed by mid September. We will graze sheep in the vineyards prior to bud burst, this will keep the grass down and turn that spring grass into valuable manure. Our busy summer period will start about mid October with shoot thinning, we will be looking for extra staff around this time.