Vinewise specialises in sustainable viticulture with a strong focus on organics and biodynamics. A comprehensive range of services are available, including vineyard management and establishment, site identification and appraisal, an efficient workforce and consultancy on all certification and compliance matters.

Organics and Biodynamics

Vinewise strongly believes in organics and biodynamics from an ethical, economic and quality standpoint. A specific biodynamic fixture has been constructed at one of our Bendigo vineyards for the express purpose of on-site production of preparations. We have invested in undervine equipment for weed management, encouraged cover cropping regimes and established compost heaps at many of our vineyards. We walk our vineyards, we listen to our vineyards and we know our vineyards – this is the real key to organics and biodynamics.

Vineyard Management

The primary role of Vinewise sees a quality driven approach to vineyard management. A comprehensive annual service that covers everything from production to maintenance and compliance requirements. The success of our award winning fruit is largely due to the small teams of passionate staff who work efficiently and without compromise. Vinewise can offer flexible management terms dependant on the desired level of input.

Vineyard Establishment

Phase one of winegrowing and perhaps the most crucial step for a successful business relies on the right advice and planning when establishing a vineyard. All aspects of establishment are covered, from earthworks and soil preparation to irrigation, trellis design, frost fighting, planting and more. Extensive experience in the region and a first-rate reputation ensures seamless winegrower liaison from vine to bottle.

Site Identification and Appraisal

Great fruit and healthy grapevines require the right site and Vinewise can assist and advise in the search for your unique parcel of land. Feasibility reports provide a detailed analysis of land suitability and may later form the basis of your business plan. We can accommodate anyone’s needs from boutique lifestyle blocks through to large scale, multi-site operations. If you’re looking to purchase an existing Central Otago vineyard then the team at Vinewise can help with an independent appraisal.

Labour Supply

Special people help make special wines. Subject to availability, Vinewise can sometimes lend out crews for pruning and other vineyard activities at either hourly or piece rates.